How to use
Don Chapman

Using interesting new technology from Google, I've created a search engine specifically for worship leaders searching for worship resources on the Internet.

Using the Google search engine, will, over time, produce more relevant search results for worship leaders searching for worship resources. Here's how Google puts it:

"Our learning technology will flavor your search results to be more customized to your site's themes and topics.

"For example, if you have a site about music, site-flavored search may over time begin to understand your topic and influence your search results to be more music-relevant. However, the learning technology used in site-flavored search takes time. You won't notice any changes overnight, but gradually your search results should become more relevant to your site."

To help get you started, I've built in specific searches. Find media, music, charts and lyrics by clicking on the different links. Email search suggestions to h2ghelp (at) and I'll add more.

Once you've done a search, simply click the logo at the top left of the page to return to the main search page. Try using instead of the Google homepage and let me know how you like it.